Employee Health & Well-Being

Giving Your Employees the Tools They Need to be Resilient & Healthy = More Engagement, Higher Returns*

Initial needs assessment will determine program structure:

  • Full or half day corporate presence for morning, noon and after-work afternoon classes; walk – in opportunities for employees between classes to address specific conditions
  • Full or half day corporate presence for private employee consultation (component of EAP?)
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly group classes and, or seminars that address strategies to cultivate resiliency and well-being:
    • Tools to address anxiety, shoulder/neck tension, improve sleep and alleviate low back pain
    • Understanding the stress response/stress reduction for greater resiliency
    • Establishing a daily personal practice for mind, body and spirit
    • Movement/countering the deleterious effects of sitting
    • Habit change
    • Mindfulness


Minding Minds at Work – Deloitte

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Employers Need to Recognize That Wellness Starts at Work – Harvard Business Review

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