What People are Saying

Clients Describe Laurie as:
Skillful ~ Knowledgeable ~ Grounded ~ Trustworthy ~ Thorough ~ Nurturing ~ Safe

“I began private lessons at Rocky Mountain Yoga due to an injury, but I stayed long after the injury had healed because of Laurie. Not only does Laurie know how to balance and strengthen my body, but she is attuned to my emotional and spiritual experience in a way that is deeply nurturing. Her presence and attention take me to an unself-conscious place within myself that allows me to experience yoga in a way I never have. During a busy week, it is a gift to know that all I have to do is show up and a tailor-made lesson is ready and waiting for me.” ~Brenda

“I first became interested in yoga in late 2015 to help reduce stress, have a better sense of well being, and to lose weight. I had no idea what to expect. Based on my needs, I was referred to Laurie Marks.

Laurie tailors the yoga sessions around me, and how I’m feeling that day. Through movement, breathing, and mediation, I’m able to let go. It is very therapeutic for me. She takes the time to explain what we do and its impact on the body. She is so focused on making sure I’m correctly positioned for each pose to help me get the most out of the practice. She has helped me achieve the goals I set in the beginning and continues to do so each session. It’s been a true pleasure working with Laurie.” ~Melissa

“Laurie Marks attended my yoga classes for almost seven years. During her practice, I have always noticed her fine attention to detail. She has an approach to her practice that combines an amazing balance of caution and confidence. Laurie is a genuine individual who’s trustworthy, compassionate and grounded. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology has expanded over the years due to her own injuries and her need to get creative with her modifications. She is nurturing and honest, wise and always very curious to know more!” ~Tina Aisner Porter, Yoga Instructor, Voted 5280 Magazine’s “Top of the Town”

“Laurie Marks is a skillful, knowledgeable, and intuitive yoga teacher. My private yoga class with her was like a mini-retreat catered to my exact needs. Her nurturing presence and wisdom brought me back home again. I felt so taken care of; she is truly one of those rare and special teachers!” ~Keri

“As a young adult, I have a tendency to be stressed and have frantic thoughts about my everyday life involving schoolwork, social life, and other common mishaps. I originally struggled to deal with my issues and would not be able to resolve or fix the problem, leading towards more stress. My personal instructor, Laurie Marks, helped me find a new and efficient way of dealing with my stress. Now after school or in the early morning, I relax my body and clear my head with my personal yoga instruction sheet. I have found that this also helps me concentrate more on the task in front of me instead of the many distractions around me. Thanks to the calming practice, I am a more fun person to be around and not inducing my own stress on others.” ~Caitlin